April 21, 2018

10 Must-Have Mac Accessories

Super Mac Accessories

You see a lot of them everywhere. But did you ever wonder what Mac accessories you could be missing out to make your Mac experience more exciting, functional and fun? Whether you are new to Mac or a seasoned Mac fan, you’ll agree that accessories help make your life easier and not to mention convenient. It’s all up to you to find one or two that hits right out of the box for your personality.

With that, we shall be  sharing with you a shortlist of 10 must have mac accessories that we found:

Belkin’s Laptop Sling Bag

Mac Accessories - Belkin's Laptop Sling Bag

Mac Accessories - Belkin's Laptop Sling Bag

Carrying around your MacBooks can be troublesome, but with Belkin’s Laptop Sling Bag, you’ll never worry about getting your Mac bumped.

What’s so cool about this bag is its stylish sling-type design that distributes weight that you’ll look comfortably sleek and hip wearing it. Padded and well-designed, it has different compartments for other accessories, cables, adaptors, etc. It’s got plenty of rooms, why even your 17″ Macbook Pro can fit on this bag. How’s that for versatility? It comes in two color combinations: jet/cabernet and chocolate/tourmaline.

Belkin Laptop Sling Bag (Jet/Cabernet)



BookBook Macbook Case

Mac Accessories - BookBook Macbook Case

Mac Accessories - BookBook Macbook Case

If you are trying to conceal your Macbook from thieves or just want to be distinct from the rest, BookBook has the answer. Looking like an old ledger or a worn out volume from a set of encyclopedia, you’ll feel that your Macbook is safe since  BookBook serves as a convincing  camouflage that nobody will suspect that it’s ever worth stealing. Great for commuting or when you frequent public places. Let the BookBook sit in a bookshelf along with other books and you’ll never worry about your Macbook when leaving the house.

The case’s hardback cover and the velvety soft, padded interior serves to protect your Mac from impacts.

Twelve South (12-1003) BookBook Hardback Leather Case for Macbook 15″ PRO SD – Black


Belkin Macbook Air Vertical Laptop Sleeve

Mac Accessories - Belkin Macbook Air

Mac Accessories - Belkin Macbook Air

For those who love their Macbook Airs, this unique Laptop Sleeve from Belkin is a great alternative to the usual notebook carriers. Aside from its reasonable price, this sleeve tops our list for this category because it complements the slimness and lightness of Macbook Air.

It comes with an optional strap that instantly converts the sleeve to a shoulder bag. Isn’t that very convenient especially when you’ve got tons of things to carry with your arms?

Belkin Macbook Air Vertical Laptop Sleeve


LaCie Thunderbolt Disk Drive

Mac Accessories - LaCie

Mac Accessories - LaCie

When it comes to storing huge amount of data, it’s pretty given that you’ll be needing an external hard drive for your back-ups. Aside from having your precious photos, music, videos and documents secured, freeing your hard drive a lot of space also equates to an improved performance of your Mac.

If you are a heavy user you know how important speed is when transferring or opening files. While most regular computers are into USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 or eSATA, your Mac is equipped with a Thunnderbolt port. LaCie’s Thunderbolt Drive might come a little to expensive for you, but with Apple pushing the Thunderbolt into the mainstream, you’ll be glad that you are already enjoying this revolutionary high-speed technology ahead of the rest.

LaCie Thunderbolt 1TB Little Big Disk Hard Drive, 180MB/s Data Transfer Speed, 7200 RPM Drive Speed



Mac Accessories - Superdrive

Mac Accessories - Superdrive

This one is not only for Macbook Air owners because we know that there are those whose internal DVD drives are already getting cranky.

With all that cloud computing, why is the Superdrive still essential? Sad to say, at this day and age of cloud technology, there are still software that use installation disks. A DVD writer also comes in handy for burning videos or whatever data you need to share or save.

Apple Macbook Air Superdrive – MC684ZM/A

Apple Thunderbolt Display

Mac Accessories - Apple Thunderbolt Display

Mac Accessories - Apple Thunderbolt Display

For the love of  bigger workspace, Apple Thunderbolt monitor offers 27″ high resolution (2560 x 1440 pixel) goodness. Just plug it to your Mac’s Thunderbolt port and you’re good to go. Crystal clear display that supports other Mac peripherals like keyboard and mouse, you’ll never go wrong with this bomb!

Take note that Apple also threw in integrated Facetime HD camera, mic and speaker. Works best for Mac Mini and smaller Mac notebooks.

Apple Thunderbolt Display MC914LL/A (NEWEST VERSION)


Time Capsule

Mac Accessories - Apple Time Capsule

Mac Accessories - Apple Time Capsule

The perfect companion for your Time Machine is no other than the Time Capsule. This device’s latest version has a massive 2TB storage capacity that operates via a secure wireless connection. It can accommodate multiple computer back-ups as long as they are all running on Mac OS.

You can hook-up your printer and share it to the entire network. Simply set-up your DSL or internet using Apple’s AirPort utility and surf away with the rest of your network. Best part of using the latest Time Capsule – Apple claims its 75% faster than before.

Apple Time Capsule 2TB MD032LL/A [NEWEST VERSION]


HyperJuice external battery

Mac Accessories - External Drive

Mac Accessories - External Drive

Need a stand-by battery power for your notebook? HyperJuice designed a Macbook specific external battery made up of military grade 150-Watt-hour lithium ion. It packs up to 34 hours of extended operation for laptops. Great for working outdoors or during long travels.

Compatible to use on Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

HyperJuice External Battery 150Wh for iPad/iPad 2 & MacBooks (MBP-150)

mStand Laptop Stand

Mac Accessories - Laptop Stand

Mac Accessories - Laptop Stand

Here’s a laptop stand that totally matches any Macbook – mStand for notebooks created by Rain Design. This is not your typical laptop platform as it looks perfectly crafted using a single piece aluminum board that elevates laptops by 6 inches. Very unibody-ish. The elevation not only promotes ergonomic posture for the user, it also aids to cool down the temperature of the device.

You’re going to love the cleverly appointed cable organizer as it leaves your desk free from cable clutter.

Rain Design mStand for Notebooks – Aluminum – Silver


Belkin Mouse Trap Mouse Pad

Mac Accessories - Belkin Mouse

Mac Accessories - Belkin Mouse

Looking for the best protector for your Magic Mouse? This Mouse Trap is certainly a life saver for the expensive Magic Mouse. It’s actually a two-in-one accessory serving as a mouse compartment and a mouse pad too. Made of soft, lightweight yet sturdy material, the mouse pad transforms into a pouch when you close the zipper. Unzip it once more and you’ve got a mouse pad. Works like a charm!

Belkin F5L008-BRN Mouse Trap Mouse Pad


They say one of the perks of owning a Mac is fact that there are lots of cool accessories in the market that only Apple owners can take delight in. We totally give a nod to that. Well, hope this helps fill-up your own list of “must-have” Mac accessories!

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  1. I have to say that I *love* the concept of the BookBook MacBook Case. I don’t own a Mac, but my brother does.

    This would be a perfect gift for him. I added it to my Bday ideas wishlist 🙂
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  2. I just need a Mac LOL Then I can get all the fun accessories too! Great suggestions.
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