April 21, 2018

11 Useful Mac Tips To Save You Time And Effort

There seem to be always things we don’t know – if it is a short cut or an easy way to do something you actually otherwise I found this video on YouTube – the guys from macisthegeek.com give you some nice and handy tips what you can do with your Mac OS to make your life easier. There are, of course, many more Mac Tips to share. But these do not get out of date: the guy shows the Mac tips with his Snow Leopard system but they are still valid today on Lion and Mountain Lion and will be on many more Mac OS X to come. It is well worth to check out the tips because if you just save a minute or two each day with a tip it is a lot of time saving over a year and more. Learn how to become more productive with these Mac OS Tips.


Here are the tips you get in this Mac Tips Video:

1. Learn how to take a screenshot

2. Zooming in on your Mac

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

4. Turn up your volume in smaller steps

5. Let your Mac speak over the Terminal

6. Add the Apple Logo to your word documents

7. Magnify and demagnify your dock

8. Change the colors

9. Customize Toolbar

10. Force quit your applications

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