April 21, 2018

22 Things You Should Know About Pages

Pages is Apple’s answer to Microsoft Word – but once you are used to it much easier to use and utilize. You can even use it as a layout program to create your own flyers and brochures. While you can also do that with Word, of course, it is easier with Pages.

Here is an overview for you what you can do with Pages in bullet points. There is much more included in this program but if you are looking if Pages is worth to be bough this hopefully will help you to make the correct decision.

And yes, for me, Pages has already paid for itself. It helped me to create a brochure for my Scrapbooking website as well as tons of texts for my University classes. To make it easy – Pages allows you to convert your document with one click into e.g. a PDF file or a Word document for all the non-Apple Folks.

Things you can do with Pages

  • Customize the toolbar (View menu)
  • Manage Styles, notes, header, foot-page, table of contents
  • Delete the page number of the first page
  • Having sections with a different pagination
  • Mix the provisions of 2 or 3 or more columns

Things you can not do with Pages

  • Change the shortcuts
  • Make mailing
  • Insert a spreadsheet
  • Place a tabbed text to a table by menu (possible copy / paste)
  • Transform a table in tab-delimited text (I have not found a trick or way of doing it)
  • Manage Styles centrally (although with some styles you may)

Things I like about Pages

  • The zoom from 25% to 400% of direct access to bottom of page
  • The display two pages side by side
  • The Styles drawer very effective
  • The concept of inspector
  • The ability to have more inspectors at the same time
  • The speed of learning enabled via usage

Things I do not like about Pages

  • The absence of a clear indication of the current section.
  • Noted in footnote “Page x of y” I want “section on page x of y n”
  • “Lock” locks the container and contents. This is especially the container must be locked, to prevent displacement by mistake
  • Too little in the preferences
  • I have a US OS X and I can not specify other languages in the preferences of Pages, which gives me the format of dates in US.

Pages is a program with lots and lots of possibilities. Apple offers it as a single product, not just in the iWork Suite. This definitely convinced me buying it.

Get Pages from the Mac App Store here:

Pages - Apple



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