April 21, 2018

5 Great Fiction Books That You Can Read On Your Mac

With the popularity of ebooks, it’s no wonder that all the bestsellers have ebook version of their novels. Not only are ebooks environmentally friendly, you can order them and have it delivered to your email or download it immediately. As long as you have an internet connection, you can order an ebook. There’s no danger of it being out of stock. Here are an overview of the best fiction books for download.

OS X Mountain Lion is a great environment to download books. Not only that, you can also sync your iPad with your Mac and read it on iBooks. So save a tree or two and read these great fiction novels on your Apple device.

Fiction BooksA Small Fortune By Audrey Brown

This is the story of a book editor that is on holiday in Mexico with her family when she finds herself abducted, her life in peril. The story takes us to many locations around the world as Celia Donnelly tries to evade her captors and see her family once more. This is riveting suspense thriller and people can relate to Celia. She’s not super spy or secret agent. She’s just an ordinary citizen. Readers will certainly empathize with feeling betrayed by someone you know.

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Fiction Books

Now a major motion picture, The Hunger Games is a young adult novel set in the future where selected children and teenagers are made to participate in death matches. Themain protagonist is Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers for the games so that her sister, who was initially selected, will be spared. The book is a metaphor for what is wrong with the government. There are a lot of themes about capitalism, ethics, and value of life. It’s brutal but incredibly realistic. Probably more adults have read this than children.

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Fiction BooksSecret Lives by Dianne Chamberlain

Eden Riley, an actress decides to make a film about her mother, a famous author. As she spends time in her childhood home and reads her mother’s diary, the skeletons come out of the closet. Just like any Dianne Chamberlain book, this one is well-written with several plot twists that would come out of the blue. Readers will be surprised and shocked even by some of the subplots and will have to resist temptation to take a peek at the ending.

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The Outkast by Craig ThomasFiction Books

Robert small looks like a typical twelve year old boy. However, nobody likes him and he is set apart from the rest. He is considered to be an outcast. That’s because the town believes Robert to be an evil person. When people are murdered, Robert is named a suspect and a police investigation ensues. This is a great book for fans of the suspense thriller / horror genre. Readers will definitely be scared out of their wits by the characterization of the murderer.

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Fiction BooksThe Long Way Home by Karen McQuestion

The books tells the story of four women at the crossroad of the life who decide to take the trip of a lifetime. This has been a theme that has been repeated several times in both books and movies. But it is still a fun and enjoyable read because the author has delved deeply in to the lives of the characters. Readers are taken along on the journey, making them wish that they would also have the road trip of their life.

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