April 21, 2018

6 Time Saving Tips For Daily Tasks With Mac OS Lion

These days nobody seems to have time. And while routine tasks just have to be done they are a pain in the butt to do every day. That’s why we put some time saving tips for daily tasks with Mac OS together for you to save you some minutes every day. Imagine what you can do with all the saved time during a year 😀

1.  Save Images From The Internet Much Quicker

When you usually save pictures from the Internet you do a right click on the picture, click on “Save image as” and save it to your preferred location. This works faster as well – just drag and drop a picture from the Internet to your Desktop and it is saved automatically. VERY handy!

2. Email Attachment

If you want to send an email with an attachment you usually open Mail and attach the file you want to send. Easier is to just drag your file on the Mail icon in your Dock – in no time an email pops up where you just need to enter the recipient’s address.

3. Sending Emails To Groups

If you send emails to a bigger group of users you do not need to add the addresses manually every time. You can easily create a user group in your address book. Click in the “File” Menu on “New Group”. With drag and drop pull all addresses which belong to this group from “All contacts”. When you now do a right click on the name of the new group you can send an email to all group members.

time saving tips for daily tasks with mac os


4. Checking Emails Automatically

To check for new emails you do not need to click the “Get Mail” button all the time. You can easily reduce the time interval. Click on the top of “Mail” and choose “Preferences”. In the tab “General” change the time for “Check for new messages” to “every minute”.

5. Switching Between Programs

Switch faster between your open programs – press CMD + TAB and a list with all open programs comes up. With the arrow keys you can choose your program.


6. Drag Folders Into the Toolbar

Folder you open quiet often you can place in the Finder’s toolbar. Just drag and drop the folder there.

When you want to get rid of the folder just go into the menu on the top left to View Customize Toolbar then click with your left mouse on the folder and drag it out of the toolbar.


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