April 23, 2018

7 Presents For Mac Lovers

What are the perfect presents for Mac Lovers?

It seems birthdays are usually coming up much faster than expected. But if your mum, dad, brother, sister, or friend is a mac lover the present will come easily to you – here is a list of the most bought presents for Mac Lovers.

Top 7 List of the best Presents for Mac Lovers

1. Swiss Gear By Wenger Rhea Womens Computer notebooks Case with multiple interior pockets

Notebook CaseIf your female friend or mum has a MacBook Pro in 15′ she’ll love this bag – I know it because my Mum got it earlier and she never goes without it. The bag has the huge advantage that she can easily not just add her MacBook but also several other things she needs over the day. It has multiple interior pockets, looks great and elegant.

Have a look at the Wenger Rhea Notebook Case at Amazon.




2. The new iLife ’11

If you hear your friend talking about iPhoto and other iLife programs like iDVD or iMovie all the time – get her the update to iLife ’11. It includes many small improvements like a full view for iPhoto and more templates in iDVD.

Have a look for the iLife update




3. iWork Suite

If your Mom writes letters quiet often and you do not want to give her the single program (you can get Pages, Keynotes and Numbers separately at the Mac App Store) get the whole suite for her. Nothing she cannot do with it – from creating invitation cards to writing a letter to your grandparents.

Have a look at the iWork Suite and its features here.




4. The Mac OS X Leopard Book by Scott Kelby

Help your Mac Lover Friend to learn more about the newest Mac OS. But don’t buy book. As usually Scott Kelby writes in an awesome funny style which makes a book about such a “dry theme” to something really special. Be careful, this book is really just something for a beginner. Scott takes the reader at her hand and guides her through all the obstacles a beginner might have. When I just had my Mac it was very helpful and my Mum still uses it as a reference.

Check out the book on Amazon

Note: Even if you have a new operating system coming out all the time – the books are still 95% up to date as you usually just have new features added but the look and feel of the operating system is still very similar.



5. Juice 15 inch Macbook Art Vinyl Decal

macbook pro stickersOne of my personal favorites – this fun sticker from Decalbug Shop at Etsy – handmade and fun. Something really special not anyone has. There are many more motives, you definitely want to check them out if you have a MacBook Pro.

Find the stickers on Amazon here

If you like these fun stickers – here is an article about the best Macbook Pro Stickers



6. Fun Software from the Mac App Store

Show your Mum how the Mac App Store works! Mine was hooked from the first moment. She later even ordered software herself. If you are not familiar with the Mac App Store make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get free video tutorials delivered to your inbox.

Go to the MacApp Store here



7. Apple TV

Apple TV review from TheMacMania.comOk, I must admit this is not the cheapest present you can get – but maybe one of the most exciting. Apple TV is plugged into a Flatscreen (e.g.) with and HDMI cable (you need to buy it seperately) and streams all music, videos and photos from your computer to the TV. Your Mum will love this Mother’s Day Present – last but not least because she can watch all her favorite TV series by call from the iTunes store and also have a slideshow evening with you and your friends (with all your embarrassing baby photos :D). If you like to learn more about Apple TV – I´ve done a detailed review here.

Get Apple TV here



Whatever you choose – these are the right presents for Mac Lovers!

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