April 26, 2018

7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour – A Review

7-wonders-magical-mystery-tour-hdThe Magical Mystery Tour is similar to games I have seen before.  There is a box with many different varieties of smaller boxes within, and the aim of the Magical Mystery Tour is to remove some whilst others move down to replace.  It’s a game where you would then try to destroy other boxes by pressing ones that have the same color that are all closely bulked together.

Similar but different

The difference with Magical Mystery Tour seems to be that there are lots of ways in which these boxes may be destroyed.  Lots of special features which when will explodes various different boxes around it or have a certain boxes destroyed in different areas, that look a little bit like fireworks going off.  There are boxes that set off chain reactions and bombs and there are boxes that freeze boxes and then destroy them.

Using the Help Menu

There are two ways you can go about learning what all of these special feature boxes.  The first way would be to look at the help menu at the beginning of the game which details every single box variety, or you can do it the more fun way through trial and error, taking on the boxes as they appear in the game.

The graphics are fun, as is the music, structure and the games mechanics seem to work well and the difficulty curve is also a fairly reasonable.

You can grab this game from the Mac App Store:
7 Wonders:  Magical Mystery Tour HD - MumboJumbo

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