April 23, 2018

A Hidden Gem in Photo Booth

I would say that Photo Booth is one of the most underutilized apps in OS X Lion. In an era of iPhones and Blackberrys that can snap a picture, do some quick editing with some cool apps and post it on the social network of your choice, even Mac users sometimes forget that they can also do this on their computers.

Photo Booth is fun. It may be a bit silly but it is a welcome break, especially when you’ve been working long and hard, typing endless ages or staring at spread sheets the entire day. Back in the day, it was also a way to impress friends who want to see your shiny new Mac. Admit it, you’ve been guilty of doing this!

Photo Booth

Photo Booth is similar to your smartphone’s camera apps. You can take a picture using your iSight camera and then do some effects with it. And just like an actual photo booth, you can take consecutive shots and make a strip of silly faces. You can also record videos and make some video logs. The cool thing is the ability to preselect an image and it will become your virtual background. Sort of like a green screen.

You can access your Photo Booth by heading over to the Applications folder. Select the app from the list and open it. Click on the button with the camera icon, watch the countdown and start snapping away!

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