March 22, 2018


It was love at first sight. The first time I came in contact with computers was at the age of eight. My friend had a “Commodore 16″ – a computer that loaded data via Commodore 1531 cassette player which by the way took forever to load. I loved it. Of course we played games. But it didn´t need long and I wanted my own computer. And since that day I always had one. then Although I used it for playing games first I got slowly more and more experience with the computer.

My parents were happy that I enjoyed using the computer. I got an Amiga 500 which was a super computer at those days (at least for me) together with a harddrive. I think I was the happiest girl on earth. I used my computer to write my own stories first.

Later, around 1998, I finished school and passed my A-level. This meant I was ready for university but I was afraid to study information technology because it was full of Math and my Math teacher at school didn´t help me much to love Maths. So I decided to become a teacher.

In 2005 after I had already finished my studies I knew that computers and webdesign were my real love. I decided to visit an online class for multimedia and got my diploma in 2007. It seems that I never could get enough from learning and so I went back to university – right now I´m student of the University of Phoenix – and proud of it. I enjoy learning more about information technology and I will soon finish my bachelor in information technology. And guess – my main subject is webdesign.

My bio shows in what I believe – do what you really want and love or you won´t get happy. So until I finish my studies I´ll be a teacher, a wife, a cat-lover and mommy to my two cats, a housekeeper, a daughter, a website owner, a digital scrapper and hopefully a friend who holds your hand to discover the basics of your Mac computer.

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