April 20, 2018

Adding a Name and Color to your iCal Calendar

Your iCal application allows you to create tasks such as birthdays, events, and appointments. These tasks need to be created in a Calendar. An iCal calendar gives you the option of adding a name and color to it. You can either use the untitled default name or assign a name yourself. However, it is better to assign a relevant name, because it is easier to differentiate calendars. Colors also help to differentiate calendars.

By following these steps in this tutorial, you will accomplish this task in a short time.

  1. Open iCal on Your Computer
    1. The easiest way to open iCal is in Finder’s Spotlight. Just type iCal and you will see a few options for iCal appear.
    2. Click on the Top Hit or the Applications option. iCal will open.


  1. Choose the Calendar to Name


    1. Once iCal is opened, click on the Calendars button. This is located on the upper left of iCal.
    2. You will see the list of Calendars available. Click on the one you want to name.


  1. Assign a name to your Calendar


    1. There are two ways you can name your Calendar.
      1. You can double click the Calendar, write the name you want and then enter.
      2. You can also right click on the Calendar and click Get Info.
        1. In the Get Info Box, you would write the name of your Calendar in the Name text box.
        2. Then click on Ok.
      3. Your calendar is now named.

  1. Assign a Color to Your Calendar


    1. To assign a color to your calendar, click on Calendars, and then click on the calendar you want to assign a color.
    2. Now, right click on the Calendar, and then click on Get Info. The Calendar Information box will appear.
    3. On the right of the Name text box, there is a color option box, click on it. You will see a list of colors.
    4. Choose the color you want to assign to your calendar.
      1. If you do not see a color from the color list, choose other for more color options.
    5. Then click Ok.
    6. When you have returned to the main screen, check to make sure you have the right color for your Calendar by clicking on Calendars.


Once you are satisfied with the name and color for your calendar, you have completed naming and assigning a color to your Calendar.

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