April 23, 2018

iMovie: Adding Photos To Your iMovie Project

Adding photos in iMovie to your movie projects is one method on enhancing your video and making the content richer. Sometimes there isn’t enough footage or in the case of historical movies, there weren’t videos at only, only photos that could be scanned and converted into digital format. With iMovie, photos need not appear as such. With the right special effects, they can be made to look as if they have come alive.Adding Photos to your iMovie Projects

To add photos to your iMovie project, you have to first make sure that the images have been imported into your iPhoto library. To make access easier, sort them and place them in an album so you do not have to spend time looking for them.

You can access the photo album in iMovie through the add-ons panel on the lower left portion of the iMovie interface. Click on the camera icon to open your iPhoto library. Scroll through the images until you reach the one you want to use. Click the image, hold it and drag to the project editor. It will now appear as a square frame. Click and drag the photo into position in the clip sequence.

There is a default length of time that the image is displayed in the movie. To change this, double click the image frame and a Clip Inspector will appear. Input the duration in seconds. Check Apply To All Stills if you want all the images you add to the project to have a uniform duration. If not, just leave it unmarked. Ken Burns is applied on default but you can also opt to add a video effect to the still. Once you have your settings tweaked, click Done.

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