April 20, 2018

The Address Book In Mac OS (How To Tutorial)

The Address Book In Mac OS

In this tutorial you learn more about the use of the address book in Mac OS.

Why the address book in Mac OS is really handy!

I give you a short overview of the address book in Mac OS and show you how to create a group, add a contact card to it and then edit the contact details. The address book in Mac OS comes in very handy – it connects perfectly with the other already included Mac OS programs. So if you have created a contact card of a person you can easily add a face to the card over iPhoto which gives you suggestions when naming a face – from your

address book in Mac OSaddress book. Also, if you write an email in your Mail program Mac OS already knows about the person. I also love that it is synced with my other devices. For example when my mum calls me on my iPhone it pulls up a picture and tells me that mum is calling me 😉 I know, just a toy but nice feature. Additionally, I have all my contacts, emails, phone numbers and even birthdays together. As soon as a birthday is coming up iCal reminds me as it is perfectly connected with the address book. Especially when you have another mobile device such as the iPhone, the iPad or even the iPod you’ll love the address book even more as it saves you to have your own little address book in your handbag.

The address book in Mac OS is a handy tool, which does not connect perfectly with other programs but even with your iPhone.



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