April 20, 2018

AmpliTube for iPad

The AmpliTube is an app for the electric guitar players of this world.  It is a fairly pricey little app, of which you will also need to buy a rig.  This will allow you to plug your electric guitar into your iPad.  This is because your app’s purpose is to be like an amp.  By which I mean that you can recreate all the fancy sound adjustments you could make on an amp, on your iPad.

AmpliTube You simply plug your jack into the rig, adjust your settings and play your piece (whatever it may be).  It will then amplify your playing from your iPad speakers, with the desired sound effects added.  It has a lot of settings so that you may actually specify what type of amp you would like it to imitate.
The user interface is a breeze for any guitar player who knows his/her amps, and it is still fun to play around with even if you don’t understand how all the sound adjusters function.
It is pricey, but I am leaning towards saying it is worth it.  Though I get the feeling that there are a few electric guitar players out there that think this app is the best thing since the pick replaced the thumb bandage.

You can grab the Amplitube App here:

AmpliTube for iPad - IK Multimedia

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