April 20, 2018

iMovie Tutorial: An Introduction To iMovie

One of the greatest things about buying a Mac is that you get a unit that works straight out of the box. Not only that, but all Macs come installed with a variety of applications that makes your internet and multimedia experiences so much richer. All Macs with OS X Lion has a built-in suite of multimedia applications called iLife ‘11. iLife takes your photos, videos, and audio files to a whole new level. It is so much easier to create memorable content that you can share with your friends and family. Amongst others the iLife suite contains iMovie. The MacMania will publish a series about iMovie tutorials so you get a basic understanding of the software.

iLife ‘11 has several applications: iPhoto, Garageband and iMovie. We will be concentrating on iMovie in this post. iMovie is a video editing software that is bundled with OS X Lion. iMovie is also sold across a variety of platforms such as the iPad and iPhone through the App Store. Unlike Final Cut, which is geared toward professional movie makers, iMovie is simple to use and is for the everyday Mac user.  iMovie imports raw video footage from a variety of locations and allows you to edit it and integrate it with some built-in effects and templates. You can also add photos and music that is stored from iPhoto and iTunes. Once the project is completed, it can be exported and shared in a variety of formats.

iMovie Tutorials

iMovie Tutorials

iMovie ’11, which is the latest version, has many significant updates over the previous incarnation. Using the app, you now have the ability to create trailer versions of your home movies, gain more control over the audio clips, more effects, and additional themes. There are also new built in original music that can be used to score the home videos. There is also more seamless integration among all the different Apple devices and even different social media platforms. One of the most welcome changes is being able to support AVCHD Lite, which is the video format most cameras now shoot in.

With all the new features, iMovie definitely makes editing home videos fun and easy.

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