April 21, 2018

Angry Birds iPhone App Review

Possibly the most successful and most talked about App so far.  If you know about apps, then you know about Angry birds.  It is this generation’s Lemmings or Tetris.

This gaming app consists of hundreds of levels, each one testing your patience, judgment, wit and strategic skill. Now there is heaps of merchandise available and once you have played it, you will see why this addictive simple idea has taken flight so well.  By slinging various species of fictional birds towards oink-ing pigs you are graded on your precision and skill.  The aiming device is very accurate and the graphics are simple yet eye catching.  The sound effects are humorous and easily imitable.  These are the noises that your friends, neighbors and kids have been making.  This is where they got them from.

The aim of the game is to attack the pigs who have stolen the birds’ food. The game offers innovative ways to assist in passing the levels; for example the ability to zoom in and out of the landscapes making it easier to judge the target and make more accurate hits.

angry birds

The Mighty Eagle is available to buy which enables the player to wipe-out and destroy those naughty pigs and pass the level in one shot.  The ascension of difficulty is gradual and the levels are exciting and there are frequently new tricks and obstacles to overcome.

It is very addictive, quirky and well worth the money.  If you are looking for a fun gaming app, then this comes with my highest recommendation.

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