April 26, 2018

Anti Crop iPhone App Review

With this new and innovative app, pictures can be transformed on your iPad or iPhone with ease.  This cute little unsuspecting app is magic at helping you get the most out of your iPhone/iPad.  It allows you to fully utilize the amazing HD features on the iPhone/iPad by expanding and un-cropping your favorite pictures.AntiCrop iPhone App Review

The app enables you to easily explore the surrounding area of a photo without the tunnel vision offered by most hand held devices.  The fact is that these devices were not originally designed for photos, in the same way that tubby people were not designed for the pole vault.

This App would be ideal for holiday snaps, especially when you have caught those once in a lifetime pics.  Or let’s say you take a picture of a loved one in the countryside on a glorious sunny day.  Rather than simply having a standard photo why not use anti-crop to bring the picture to life with the forgotten and lost scenery?  Sounds nuts doesn’t it, but you would be surprised at just how much of a photo your iPad or iPhone actually removes.  Those rolling hills and beautiful fields just can’t fit on the frame, but they can with anti crop.  The idea of this app is to stretch and enlarge the background scenery of your photos.

On the negative Nancy side, it is not ideal for city landscapes or unpredictable picture areas i.e. faces.  The App is simple and straight forward to use.  If you want to try something new this app is for you.  The App is noteworthy if taken with a pinch of salt.  You are not going to become a world class Photoshop artist through this app, but then being a world class Photoshop artist is over rated.

AntiCrop - Adva-Soft

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