April 23, 2018

Appetites iPhone App Review

I am getting a little sick of people whom sell this app, claiming that it will revolutionize cook books.  It bothers me more than the fact that the Director Michael Bay keeps getting work, and more than the fact that the only reward we have for our young people achieving well in school is to tell them their exams are too easy.

Appetites is a newer and more novel way of cooking, but will not revolutionize anything.  It is not a hover pack attached to a car, and it is not a pill that cleans your teeth.  It is an app that gives you video instructions from the perspective of the chef.  Instead of giving you step by step instructions, it shows you videos.  You can work at your own pace by scrolling to the next video point which will then start without prompting.

There are only a limited number of recipes available; it is clearly setting its self up to sell more to you as time goes by, so that your first purchase (along with seven recipes) will not be your last.  The app also does not take into account the fact that you have dirty hands when you cook.  A bigger screen and voice activation is where this app should work towards.  It is not a terrible idea for an app (to give it credit), but it is not the bee’s knees as some are claiming, nor is it the dogs….. (well you get the picture).  It needs improvements, but it is a step in the right direction.

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