April 21, 2018

Apple and the Death of its Founder Steve Jobs

Last week one of the readers of MacMania, Marcelo da Silva Pereira, was so nice to sent me some photos of his visit of the Apple Store in New York. While he was in New York he was happy to buy his first Mac Computer and saw what happened after the death of Steve Jobs. Without ever having the chance of meeting him I believe he was a great thinker and a fantastic person – of course we always have to keep in mind that he was a business man and he wouldn’t have been where he was when he would have been just a sweet person.

Anyway, he definitely deserves respect for all what he did and for everything he created for us – he definitely made our lives easier and gave us tools that just work 🙂

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs and thousand thanks for the pictures, Marcelo – I think it’s very interesting to see that there are so many people out there who honor the work of a lifetime of one person.

Macelo sent me a lot of photos and I thought it would be nice to have all of them here – just to remember.

Remembering Steve Jobs



Recently, I listened to the Biography of Steve Jobs. It is very interesting to find out how a man like him got where he was and that not everything was easy for him as well. We often think that famous people have a much easier path to go than we have but it’s a wrong assumption. If you like to check out Job’s biography, go to the iTunes store:

Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson

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