May 23, 2018

Canon Pixma MG 5320 Wireless Inkjet

This amazing device Canon Pixma MG 5320 Wireless Inkjet can allow you to turn pictures from soft copies to hard copies. With it, every vacation or hitch-hiking or picnic fast becomes a memory with hard evidence to document it. The PIXMA has a color dpi print resolution of 9600 x 2400, it can … [Read more...]

Fitness Tracker for 2016

Do you already have a fitness tracker or are you looking for one? We put together the best fitness tracker and point out the pros and cons so you know which one you should buy and last but not least save money and get healthier! Have you been working out for too long that you find your usual … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5 – A Review

The iPhone 5. The latest model from the line of amazing Apple smartphones has finally arrived at long last. For all you iPhone fanatics out there, the release of the iPhone 5 is just like receiving your Christmas gift early. However, the big question is: Is the iPhone 5 truly worth all the … [Read more...]

The Time Capsule – A Review

If you are a Mac lover (which you probably are given you are reading this article), and you are looking for a good supplement for your Mac gadgets, then you should consider getting your hands on a Mac Time Capsule. Yep. You read that right. You can get a Time Capsule from Apple! No, this is … [Read more...]

External Hard Drives To Store Your Multimedia Files

With time things can get a little overwhelming. In your iTunes you have collected 1,000s of songs, in your iPhoto you have overwhelming 10,000 pictures (that's my iPhoto at least) and my Download folder is also full of stuff I should sort into my other folders. All in all I need more storage to make … [Read more...]