April 20, 2018

Apple Store Opening In Oberhausen, Centro

I think I was a PAIN all week for my poor husband – I told him that on Saturday there will be the M-E-G-A-I-N-V-E-N-T in the Centro in Oberhausen – the fourth Apple Store in Germany opened its doors. He couldn´t believe what I was talking about but I KNEW I need to go there and luckily I got him convinced 🙂

The Apple Store opened at 10 am and we arrived at 10.45 am… well, have a look at the pictures and videos – it was crazy! There was a loooooong queue and you need to get in it to finally get into the store. The Apple Store crew always just let some people in when others left. Seems there’s a HUGE hype about Apple.

All in all it was really fun to see how people can go for a brand – actually Apple is nothing but that. But obviously Steve Jobs did such a great job when he set up the marketing and philosophy for this brand that people (including me) are crazy for it. In the end I appreciate the reliability when it comes to Apple computers. I don’t have problems, I don’t need to care about viruses, I just sit down and use them. Even better, today I have an iPad and and iPhone as well and with iCloud Apple simply keeps all my devices up to date.

Despite the fact that it was nice to be there and check out the Apple Store – today it is much easier and cheaper to get what you want online. More often than not you can buy your Macbook, iMac or whatever you are looking for much better on Amazon – because it is cheaper.

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