March 22, 2018

Application Compatibility in Lion for Mac OS X

If you are like me, you will have applications in your must-have list. These applications may be old and then are no longer updated regularly and sometimes not at all. The company might not even exist at all or was bought out by a bigger one. But you like them, are comfortable working with them, or they provide a single function that you can’t live without.

Does a specific application run in Lion?

Therein lies the problem.  Usually when a new OS X is launched, the first couple months have teething problems as developers scramble to get everything working in the new environment and updaters give real-time feedback. However, Lion ushers a new era for software application. The older Mac users among us might remember a time when Macs were not powered by Intel and instead had Power PC components. During the switch, applications that worked in Power PC macs were often compatible for installation in the Intel-based ones. That is now over.

Lion has stopped support on older software that was written to run on Power PC Macs. So before you spend the time and effort to install an older application, you should check whether it can run on Lion. It will also give you a chance to do some housekeeping and get rid of those apps that no longer work.

Check for Application Compatibility in Lion

To check whether your application will run on Lion, open Finder and head to your Applications folder. Look for the application in question and Control-Click or two-finger tap it to get the selection. Click Get Info and take a look at Kind. If it says Intel or Universal, then yes it will make the transition and run on Lion. If it says “PowerPC”, then say good bye and start looking for alternatives because you can no longer use it in Lion. If you have already installed a bunch of apps in Lion, you can see which ones are not compatible.  If you view your Applications folder as icons or as a stack, those that won’t run while have a white circle with a diagonal line bisecting it.

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