April 21, 2018

Articles for iPad Review

This is part of the move to make the iPad more than just a mobile distraction centre with Articles.  It is a well established fact that the creators of the iPad want their handheld devices to become nothing short of the hand held devices carried round by the cast of star trek.  Despite the fact that there is a lot of money to be made with apps that are nothing more than brightly coloured noisy games, the creators of the iPads and iPhones want it to move towards being a hand held tool.  One day they hope to have people consult their handheld devices before anything else.  The “Articles for iPad” is a step in this direction.

It allows you to consult article sites like Wikipedia on your hand held device, so that you can use it where ever you are.  Despite the fact that Wikipedia is a self confessed “imperfect” medium for accurate information, I do get the feeling that this app will settle a lot of arguments.  Person A will be arguing with person B, about something like how many monkeys it takes to mow a lawn, and this app will come to the rescue and solve the argument.  If you would like easy access to Wikipedia then this is probably the app for you.

Articles for iPad - Sophiestication Software

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