April 20, 2018

Create Your Own AudioBooks – The AudioBook Builder

Mac helps to build audiobooks with Audiobook Builder

What is the Audiobook Builder?

Do you know anything which is nicer than lieing on a hot summer day on your desk-chair, drinking cold lemonade and reading a book or, even better, listening to a book? No? Well, me not either 😉

Before smartphones and especially the iPhone got so popular I used my MP3 Player for this. But I must confess that lately I use my iPhone for everything – reading books, listening to music and audio books, checking emails, facebook, reading news and so much more.

There has been just one thing which really annoys any passionate audiobook listener – the obstacles you need to overcome when you want to get your audiobook not just important from the CD to the computer but also when it comes to getting them in the correct sequence on your device. I often just gave up because nothing is worse than jumping from one MP3 piece to another to find the correct chapter.

While surfing the Mac App Store I found an exciting App. I first couldn´t trust my eyes but obviously I wasn´t the only one this was driving crazy. The Audiobook Builder finally solved my problems. The Audiobook Builder is easy and intuitive to use.

In the tutorial I refer to a builded Playlist. If you don´t know how to create a playlist please check out “Create playlists in iTunes” first.

Audiobook Builder - Splasm Software, Inc.


Here a video tutorial on how to use this nice Audiobook Builder software:



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