May 23, 2018

11 Useful Mac Tips To Save You Time And Effort

There seem to be always things we don't know - if it is a short cut or an easy way to do something you actually otherwise I found this video on YouTube - the guys from give you some nice and handy tips what you can do with your Mac OS to make your life easier. There are, of course, … [Read more...]

Which Mac Software Do I have Installed On My Mac?

One reason I enjoy writing for Mac Mania is that I love writing and trying out software for Mac Computers. Of course the software I use changes from time to time but more often than not I use the same software. Here is my dock with all included Mac software I use daily: After you've got your … [Read more...]

Why Did I Never Consider To Buy A Mac Computer Before?

Mac computers were always a little weird. Graphic designer and professionals used them, people who worried about image and video editing, also people who didn't worry about gaming or just those who called themselves professionals. There seemed also to be hard rumours that Mac computers were not … [Read more...]