October 30, 2014

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MacTV Pro: TV Entertainment For Your Mac

mactv pro

 Many studies have shown that a lot of people use their computers as their primary multimedia device nowadays. While nothing beats the television set in terms of size and clarity, more and more people have been turning to their desktop iMacs, and most especially their portable Macs as their personal entertainment command center. The internet […]

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 – Student and Home Edition

MS Office for Mac

Microsoft Office has to be the most widely used office productivity software in the planet. It is in millions or even billions of computers worldwide, ranging from sophisticated machines used in various businesses to the desktop at home or the laptop or netbook that your son or daughter uses. The files extensions .docx and .xlsx […]

Running Windows Apps On Your Mac With Parallels Desktop For Mac

Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 08.52.16

Mac owners will tell you that they are quite happy with the OS X, the native operating system that runs on your Mac. However, there are those moments where you need to run a Windows application that does not have a version for the OS X. Some of the software might be crucial for your […]

Boxshot King: Professional Looking Ecover Graphics For Cover Design

Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 11.38.43

  The 5 Ps Of Marketing Any marketing professional will tell you that one of the most important aspects of a business is how professional it appears to be. The more professional you are, the more credible you seem to be. In fact, appearance counts so much that the 4Ps of marketing – product, price, […]

5 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To OS X Mountain Lion

upgrade to os x mountain lion

With the debut of Apple’s newest operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion, right around the corner, every Mac user is debating whether or not to purchase this upgrade. You will definitely have your early adopters, who always want the latest and greatest. They will certainly upgrade immediately. Then you have the wait and see […]

Is OS X Mountain Lion A Worthwhile Upgrade?

It was announced in the 2012 World Wide Developers Conference that the newest version of Apple’s operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion, will ship to users at the end of July. With many computers already running on Lion, which is just a year old, is the OS X Mountain Lion a worthwhile up grade? […]

The New Macbook Pro With Retina Display

Macbook Pro with Retina Display

Held last June 2012, the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) is one of the most important events for developers and Apple alike. This year, the Cupertino-based company definitely did not disappoint. For many, it was akin to celebrating Christmas in June. There was an announcement on the new OS X Mountain Lion, and on the […]

The 5 Most Important New Features of OS X Mountain Lion

5 most important new features of os x mountain lion

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is Apple’s newest incarnation of its ever popular operating system. Officially made to the public in July 2012, this long awaited successor to OS X Lion, is available for purchase at an affordable price $19.99. The great thing about OS X is that anybody who is familiar with the previous […]

5 Great Fiction Books That You Can Read On Your Mac

Fiction Books

With the popularity of ebooks, it’s no wonder that all the bestsellers have ebook version of their novels. Not only are ebooks environmentally friendly, you can order them and have it delivered to your email or download it immediately. As long as you have an internet connection, you can order an ebook. There’s no danger […]

5 Of The Best Mac Printers

best printers for mac

Nobody does everything electronically. At some point in time, you will have to printout a document, a photo, an email, a plane ticket and so many other things. No home office is complete without a printer. Just like computers, there is a wide variety of printers available in the market. Before buying a printer you […]