April 26, 2018

Auto restart in Lion

I have mentioned before that while Macs along with OS X Lion are generally more stable than its counterparts, there are still times when errors or glitches occur. And that the best and fastest way to get rid of those glitches is to reboot your Mac. Learn in this quick tip how to auto restart in Lion.

Autorestart in Lion

Well, sometimes errors occur and cause your Mac to freeze. The spinning ball doesn’t spin anymore, the cursor no longer moves and nothing you do can bring it back. The only option is to do a hard reset. In the old days of removable batteries, I admit I have been guilty of just removing the battery at the back and then rebooting after I put it back in. But there is a better way to auto restart in Lion.

Good thing that Mac has now integrated a restart feature in case your computer freezes. To activate that option, launch your System Preference from the Dock and choose Energy Saver. You will be given a list of options that you can check or uncheck. The last one is Restart automatically if your computer freezes. Tick the box and that’s one less potential headache to worry about when your Mac does an auto restart in Lion.

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