April 21, 2018

Better Renamer – The Alternative To Automator And Renamer

Better Renamer

I know the program “Renamer” was a great free option to rename your files in Mac OS quickly. I couldn’t trust my eyes first when I saw that, after updating to Mac OS Lion Renamer wouldn’t work anymore. For me, this program is essential as I often have to deal with a huge amount of files and I really can’t rename them manually. I know Automator is an option but I never really looked into the program – it might be great but the thing is that it is pretty hard to understand and use, especially for beginners.

Since my birthday I ask all and anyone who want to give me a gift 😀 to get me an iTunes card anyway – I love to be able to buy what I need just now and these are definitely the best presents ever! I can get music, programs (yes, it’s also valid for the Mac App Store) and books whenever I like to get them.

Therefore I was searching for an alternative for the Renamer program and stumbled over Better Renamer at the App Store. It is not that cheap – but great.

Better Renamer – is really a better renamed – much easier to use!

I know my friends first had a problem using the free Renamer (or at least as long as it was free). They felt it was pretty confusing to use it straight away – for me it was as well and therefore I created the tutorial once I figured it. So far, so good – I can just say that Better Renamer is really much easier to use.

Here is how you rename files in one single step:


(You can click on the picture to see it much larger)

That’s how easy it is to rename your files now with Better Renamer!

Better Rename 8 - publicspace.net

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