April 21, 2018

Bloom HD (iPad App Review)

Bloom is a music app, where you can create your own music which are set to (up to) twelve different moods.  The graphics then react to the sounds you have created.  You are able to tap the screen a few times and create a minutes worth of music with random sounds which can then be repeated over for an hour if you like.  Bloom was created by the ambient musicians Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers.  Bloom is a fun app to play with and some of the sounds you create are not bad.  The app is reasonably priced, it works and I would recommend it to anybody.  It does not have a target user in mind.  All of the world’s peoples will enjoy this one.  

It is user friendly enough so that you will find it difficult t to make a bad sound track.  Which is where the people problem comes in.  There are many, many, very, very dumb people out there who believe that because they have made pretty sounds and colors on their apps, that they are now revolutionary ambient music artists.  It is these same people who are creating online reviews that list all the people this App is NOT made for.  They are claiming that you need an artistic flair (Like they have,…. Ahem).  You do not!!!

When you read these other reviews, you must understand that they are written by some silly fool who thinks he/she is the next ambient rock-star, and who are playing their generic ambient music online and to their friends because they think they are the next John Williams.  This app is for anybody, and even a tone-deaf person with fingers the sizes of elephant’s feet will be able to create lovely music, sounds and visuals with this app.

Bloom HD - Opal Limited

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