April 26, 2018

Bookmark All Open Tabs In Safari


Bookmarking allows you to save the URL of a particular webpage opened in a certain tab. It is then saved in listed in the folders of the bookmarks menu. You normally bookmark one at a time. But you can also bookmark all open tabs in Safari at once.

Sometimes when surfing the internet, you open multiple windows so you can segregate your web pages. It does happen that you end up wanting to bookmark all the tabs you have open in a certain window. This is especially true if they all fall into one category and you want to keep them in the same bookmarks folder.

Well, you can go do it the hard way, by creating a new bookmark folder and then saving each page in that folder by pressing Command+D. Or you can just save them all in one go.

Bookmark All Open Tabs in Safari

To save all open Tabs in Safari, make sure that the window with the pages you want to bookmark is the active window. Select Bookmarks from the menu and select Add Bookmark For These X Tabs. X will be the number of tabs that are open in the window. Once you have clicked the option (there’s no shortcut), a pop up window will appear. Give the set of tabs a relevant name that would allow instant recall, for example Chocolate Cake Recipes 5/5/12. It will appear as a folder name. Also select where in the bookmarks menu will the bookmarks appear. It is totally up to you if you want to see it first thing or if you want to bury it in the subfolders you have create. Click Add once you are done.

To retrieve your bookmarks and go to a webpage, look for the folder that has the name you identified in the Bookmarks Bar. In our case click Bookmarks from the Menu, go to Bookmarks Bar, and look for the Chocolate Cake Recipe 5/5/12  folder. Scroll through the different items until you reach the bookmark you want. Click to open.

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