April 21, 2018

Why Did I Never Consider To Buy A Mac Computer Before?

Mac computers were always a little weird. Graphic designer and professionals used them, people who worried about image and video editing, also people who didn’t worry about gaming or just those who called themselves professionals. There seemed also to be hard rumours that Mac computers were not compatible with any hard- or software I had ever used.

That was my prejudice until I thought about buying a Mac Computer – this came up when I was so frustrated about my brandnew just 4 months old laptop with an update to Windows 7 (anyone praised as Microsoft’s best operating system ever). The laptop had everything – a 2048 MB HUGE graphic card, a 1 TB harddrive and lovely 4 GB RAM – so one should think that I should have been really happy with it. Fact is that it was slow – and I mean damn slow whenever I launched my Photoshop program (I know Photoshop eats up memory but I had enough, uhh?).

So one day I stood in that electronic market and had a look at the iMacs and Macbooks and got to talk to the salesman there. He had a Macbook himself and he said that he uses his old PC just for gaming but that he simply loves his Mac. Researching about the Mac Computers online brought up that my prejudices were obviously just that – prejudices.

So in January 2010 I got my first iMac. I would love to say that I’ve never looked back since but that’s not true. Especially over the first weeks I definitely LOOKED back. The new operating system was so different and for me it was first really difficult to get used to the Apple way of sorting things. Today, over half a year later, I do not look back – actually I did not after 2 weeks of getting used to it.

I love my iMac. From the bottom of my heart – I totally enjoy that I never had any hard- or software problems, no virus problems, no need to care about updating, no worrying about this or that software, no need to reinstall the operating system – my Mac has it all on board.

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You should buy a Mac computer when

  • you are frustrated when it comes to your Windows computer
  • when you hate to take care of your virus program
  • when you hate to reinstall Windows and all the programs after some time when your system gets slower and slower
  • when you hate to backup
  • when you do lots of image and/or video editing or plan to do
  • when you enjoy a running and stable system you don’t need to take care of
  • when you enjoy excellent software which fits perfectly into the rest of the software you have on your computer

Mac computers are more expensive

Mac computers are in general a little more expensive than Windows computers. One reason for that is definitely the high end design (some people may just buy the Mac because it looks great 😉 ). Another reason why a Mac computer is more expensive is for sure that it already has nearly all software you need on board. For all basic tasks the only other program you would need is wether iWork or Microsoft Office for Mac. The rest is on board – from a messenger program to a image and video editing program. And it´s not just basic software but software you can use for all needs – from beginner to professional.

I have just some more programs installed. One is my Photoshop which now runs smoothly, Dreamweaver and the Microsoft Office for Mac (yes, in this case I like Microsoft more).

You do not need to spend a fortune on the best Mac available

I was a little worried when the guy at the store offered my the iMac with a graphic card of just 256 MB – that was in the Windows World definitely an old thing. He also said that for my needs (and I believe that I really ask my computer to do a lot for me) the iMac would be really working well.
He was true. I don´t think that I´ve ever reached the limitation of this machine even when I launch several programs together. I have 8105 photos in my iPhoto program and it just runs smoothly. I also have over 20 GB of music and I don´t think the Mac needs longer than 2 seconds to launch iTunes. So my best advice is here – get the Mac for your needs. While I´d say all Windows users to get the best computer they can afford because it will be old the other day I can say that you do not need to spend a fortune on your Mac computer because its lifecircle is simply longer than from any Windows PC.

What you get for your money

A Mac computer is not just famous for its design but also the bluetooth devices which comes with it – Apple’s Magic Mouse which let you scroll for, back, left and right just with a finger tip and the wireless keyboard which result in a no-cable and no boxes desktop – you simply have no tower, anything is included in your screen (I’m totally over the moon about this!). But that’s not all – as I’ve hint at before the Mac comes with all necessary software from the iLife box – this includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb and Garageband. The iTunes software is available on the web for download (free). Other applications are the iChat which has really cool features (e.g. you can have a look at the screen of your friend to fix problems for them or you have an in webcam where you can see yourself as well as your friend), iCal – a great calendar which takes care of all your meetings and remembers you as you wish, the adressbook which shares the data with all the other applications (actually they exchange all data with each other), Mail (the answer of Windows Outlook) and Safari, one of the best and fasted browsers of the world. I´ve just scratched the surface here – there is much more included and I will discuss the different applications in more detail in other articles.

What I wanted to point out is – what you spend more for your Mac you get back because all this fantastic software is already included, working like a charm!

What others are saying

I couldn´t find a Mac computer which did not have an average of 4 to 5 stars on Amazon from the reviewers.

Elegant and powerful, it simply works”

Amazing small form Big Screen computer”

Just about perfect”

Best Computer I have ever owned”

There are over 100 reviews just on one iMac – I now just grabbed a little what people say. If you want to read more – have a look here.


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Monja is a Multimediadesigner and Mac enthusiast since she discovered the beauty of Mac Computers - she never looked back to her Windows Laptop.


  1. Hi Monja,

    Perfect article for me at this point. I’m just starting to consider getting a Macbook and this was a great starting point for me. Seems like you hit on all the major points. Pretty much everything you discuss is pro-Mac – is there anything about Macs that you would warn a PC user about (other than just learning the new operating/filing system)?



  2. Hi Diana,

    beside the fact that it needs some time to get used to – no. It´s quiet expensive to change the system – e.g. you need to buy a word processing program like iwork or microsoft office for mac.
    if you are prepared for that – no, i don´t think there´s anything very negative i can say. it´s just the little things which annoy you first but which you´ll actually find a way around very soon.
    hope you already found your perfect computer 🙂

  3. Nice one Monja, I really enjoyed what you said, because I was thinking the same.
    Besides my programming softwares and gaming, I don’t use my computer a lot.
    So I was really thinking about getting a laptop with the apple inside.
    thanks for that

  4. Hehe – I´m actually in Apple fever LOL but I can just say DO it… I still have my old Windows laptop but I thought of selling it and get an Apple…mmm the one i´m looking for with i7 inside – well, I think it´s still a bit too expensive for now, but maybe later 🙂 But I promise – once you have you love it!

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