April 23, 2018

Cannot log into iChat anymore since updating to Mac OS Lion?

Cannot log into iChat anymore since updating to Mac OS Lion?

Since I updated to Mac OS Lion I had problems to log into iChat. Or I was logged in but was thrown out after a while. Or I logged in and was able to stay signed in but my messages arrived delayed while talking. To keep all the problems short – it wasn’t worth the trouble and I installed Yahoo again.

Thanks to the latest update Apple released – iChat is working well!

But if you also have problems and still cannot log into iChat you need to tweak your chat program a little. Here is how.

1. Open your iChat program

2. Click on top on iChat and then “Preferences”

Cannot log into iChat


3. Click on your Account of Question (most likely a Gmail account) and then on “Server Setting” on the right site.

Cannot log into iChat 2

Now make sure you have the boxes Use “SSL” and “Warn before sending password insecurely” not ticked.

Now you can log into iChat again!

I think the problem that you (or better we) cannot log into iChat anymore was the SSL connection – that connection often causes problems, especially when you have a 3rd party using a connection of another program – e.g. in this case Apple using the connection of Gmail.

Usually I wouldn’t recommend to turn the SSL connection off. But, to be honest, you shouldn’t share any personal or secure information over a chat program anyway and therefore I think that 99% of the users are fine – even without an SSL connection.

At least this is a solution if you cannot log into iChat anymore.







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