April 26, 2018

Change The Folder Image In Mac OS X (Video)

Change the folder image in Mac OS X

I always liked to see what is in my folder. In Windows this was really easy. I just made an image, called it folder and put it into my folder – that was it. It is a bit more tricky in the Mac OS but easy enough to do it in just a minute. What you need is an image in .ico format. You can find some websites which allow you to upload an image and save it as .ico but there is also a free plugin available for Photoshop which allows you to save it on your computer.

I prefer to save my images in 196×196 px so my folder image is big enough that I can notice the content of the folder right away. But you may want to play around with the different sizes.

Here a short video which shows you how easily you can do change the folder image in Mac OS.

If you would do that for all the folders you have I think you’d had a pretty nice folder structure and could easily maintain them. But having 100s of folders on my computer I’m not sure if I will ever find enough time to change the folder image for all of them.

But if you change your folder image from now on you’ll definitely have less to search. There are also other ways to mark your folders in Mac OS. For example you can label them with different colors.




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