March 22, 2018

Change Your folder Background Color

Change the folder background color

Change the folder background color to make get a bit contrast on your computer screen

I just found out something nice – not amazing but truly helpful when you sit too long on the computer and your eyes get slowly tired from starring on the white windows. When you change the background of your folders you have a bit more contrast which makes it easier for you to make out the folder’s content.

When you double-click a folder it usually has a white background. In Mac OS you can easily change that! I have created a fake folder for you called “Change color” but of course you can choose whatever folder name you like and you can also  change the folder background of already existing folders.

Click with your right mouse into any folder, choose “show view options” in the appearing menu

Now you can choose – to add a color or a picture and change the folder background color:

Drag whatever picture you like, e.g. JPG or PNG file

Of course we can always discuss if this is necessary or not or if that is needed or not but it can´t be wrong to personalize your computer – in the end it´s the place where you spend a lot of time. Personally, I like to have a nice and pleasant work environment.

Tip: When you choose “Set Default” you change the folder background and it will apply to all your folders.

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