April 26, 2018

Clean my Mac – Software To Clear Unwanted Files

What Does Clean My Mac Do

Clean My Mac clears unwanted files and optimizes universal binaries and caches.  It removes un-used language installations and removes old preference files, cleaning your Mac.

What Are The Features Of Clean My Mac

The paid version comes as a big suite of tools and gives a lot of detailed information about the files it wishes to delete, so that you are in complete control at all times.  It has many simple and easy to use features and each tool is intuitively explained, meaning there is little cause to research each item fully.

Is Clean My Mac A Cause For Applause

It can take as little as three minutes to scan your Mac.  With a Mac that is only a year old it found a lot of wasted space, and retrieved it.  This is clearly a very powerful tool for regaining lost hard disk space and putting it to better use.

Not So Good Points

I hate to say it because it is a horrific sin for a Mac cleaner, but on some of our Macs there were programs that had trouble launching after the Mac had been cleaned.  This may be a bug within the paid version or it may not.  It may be fixed in the future, or be part of the next paid version.

What I Thought Of The App I Bought 

Clean My Mac was really very clever in the way it found all the free space.  It found quite a lot, so much so that we were skeptical as to where the free space was coming from, however the scan detailed all the places it came from.  A few GB were from Universal binaries, a few more from caches, etc.  The user interface let us know where the space come from it was going to make (and then made when we enabled it to) and it all added up.

Clearly this is a powerful tool for clearing space however Clean My Mac may be better suited to people who are willing to search through the files it retrieves to be sure the program is not going to delete part of a program that you actually still need.

Should I Try OR Let It Slip By

The paid version may have a user problem.  On my Mac I had trouble launching programs after the Clean My Mac had cleared the space.  This could have been because I allowed it to delete files that I should not, because this was not the case with all of the Macs I tested it on.  It could also be a systematic/program problem.  So we recommend that you let the paid version slip by and instead go for one of the free versions until they have fine tuned the paid suite version.

You can find the Clean My Mac here


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