April 26, 2018

Clear the Safari History

Although I love that Safari keeps a history of the webpages I visited I sometimes just want to clear the Safari history. Sometimes I forget to bookmark a site or I won’t do so thinking it’s not an important page. And then days later, I regret it and frantically try to find it again. More than once Safari’s history has saved me from doing a web search all over again trying to figure what was that website again.

clean safari history

There may be times that you do want to delete the contents of Safari’s history. Just routine housecleaning perhaps. Or you’ve bookmarked all that is needed and no longer need the contents of your history. Mainly you want to delete the contents of your history for privacy and security reasons. This is very relevant if you are sharing a computer and don’t want other people to snoop in and take a look at your browsing habits, especially if you visited confidential websites such as banks, email  and other password protected sites.

Clear the Safari History

Deleting Safari’s history is pretty easy. To delete everything in one swoop, simply go to History in your menu, pull it down and select Clear History. Confirm by clicking Clear. It will delete everything that’s in your Safari history.

Now you can enjoy a clean the Safari history without all the trash.

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