April 21, 2018

Coloring Labels with Finder

I may be a bit messy when it comes to the real world (aka my home and office) but I can get anal retentive about the virtual world. I really take time to organize my files in such as a way that I can easily find them, the files names have a system, and that everything should be where it is. Coloring labels in Finder is very easy, learn how here:

I find that using Labels is a godsend. It allows the grouping of files according to your preferred classification system: function, importance, urgency or privacy. Even if the files are in different locations, you can create a Smart Folder that will automatically add files that have the same label. And because it is color-coded, Labels make it easier for me to remember to importance of that file.

Before you flag down a file do not forget to specify your Labels.  To create your Labels open a Finder window and select your Finder Preferences. Select the Labels Tab. Assign a specific label name to each color.

coloring labels in finder

When you want to flag a file or folder and label it, simply right click it and navigate down to the Label option. Select which color you want it to have, keeping in mind the label names assigned to it. The file or folder name should now change to the color of the assigned label. To remove the label, right click and select the clear box that has an x.

If you like to learn about smart searches, have a look at this article.

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