April 21, 2018

Create A Birthday Calendar in iCal


If you are like most people, chances are you tend to forget important dates such as birthdays. You have a vague idea that’s in a certain month but you can’t recall the exact date. Most of the time you need a reminder such as the birthday list in Facebook. Since not everyone is a member of that social network, it might be a great idea to create a birthday calendar in iCal of your own, using your contact list on your Mac.

Creating a birthday calendar to remind you of people’s birthdays involves several steps using a combination of two apps: Address Book and iCal. First, you have to make sure that a birthday field is included into your address book so that you can fill it up whenever you create a new contact.  To do so, launch Address Book from your Applications folder. Pull down Preferences from the menu and click the Template icon. Click the Add Field button located at the top. A list of choices will pop up. Select Birthday and close the preferences pane. Now, whenever you add a new contact, there is a birthday field. You can also go back to your existing contacts and fill up their birthdays.

Create a birthday calendar in iCal

Once you have your contacts’ birthdays in place, you can go about creating the birthday calendar. Launch the iCal application. Pull down the Preferences menu and select the General tab. Check the box that says Show Birthdays Calendar. You will now be able to a birthday calendar on the left hand portion of iCal which shows the different calendar views. It will be quite noticeable with its birthday cake icon.

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