April 23, 2018

How to Create and Edit an iCal Event

Daily we are bombarded with many tasks and it is a challenge to accomplish them all. As humans, it does not matter how hard we try to manage our time, sometimes we get distracted with other things. Therefore, we need a tool to accomplish these tasks for us in a timely manner.

These tasks can be accomplished and managed with Apple’s iCal. iCal call these tasks, events. You can create and edit events such as meetings, birthdays, appointments and activities. These events are created and edited in the iCal Calendar.

The following step-by-step instructions will help you create and edit an event in iCal.

  1. Open iCal
    1. Type iCal in Finder’s Spotlight, located on the top right of your screen.

create and edit an ical event

    1. Then click on either the Top Hit or the Application option to open iCal.


  1. Select a Calendar.
    1. Click on the Calendars button.
    2. Now select a calendar.
      1. You will need to select a Calendar that is located below the “On My Mac” option. iCal does not allow you to create events for calendars you subscribed to. If you have subscribed calendars, they are located below the “SUBSCRIPTIONS” option.

create and edit an ical event

  1. Create an Event Example
    1. Click on the Day option, located at the top of the iCal application.
      1. You can choose to create events for the Day, Week, Month or the Year. However, this example will show you how to create an event for the Day.
    2. Click on the plus (+)sign, next to the Calendar button.
      1. You will get the Create Quick Event text box.
    3. Type the name of the event and enter.
      1. iCal will then add the event to a time-slot located on the right.

create and edit an ical event

edit an ical event

    1. Click on Done. Your event is now created.
  1. Edit Your Event
    1. Click the Event, then right click and select Get Info.
      1. You can also, click Edit from the menu and select Get Info.

create and edit an ical an event in ical


    1. You will now click and edit Name, Date and Time, Note and the Location sections of the Get Infodialog box.
      1. The date and time are represented by from and to sections. From is the start date and time and to is the end date and time of the event.
      2. You can also make changes to other options, such as, URL and attachment, including others.
    2. When you are done, click on Apply. You should now see all the changes.


ical event

You have now created and edited an event in your calendar.

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