April 26, 2018

Create Another iTunes Library To Sort Your Music Better

More than one iPhoto or iTunes library?
Yes, it is possible! Not long ago I thought how handy it would be to just create a second library (or third, fourth, …) for recording tutorials. People in my private Photos might not like the idea to be shown in a video and of course the photographer always has to respect that. Beside that, I would love to store my private photos in one library and the commercial ones I use for my blogs and designing in another. Also I have the chance to tag the photos differently and increase the chance of finding photos in my over 10,000 pictures library 😉 Maybe you also have reasons why another library is better for you – you might be willing to share your computer and the user account with your partner but you might like him or her not to mess up your iTunes library or your carefully tagged pictures.

So how does it work to create another iPhoto or iTunes library?

It is really easy. Just start iPhoto (or iTunes, works the same for both programs). And while you start iPhoto press your ALT key. Here is what comes up:

create another itunes library

Now click on “Create New” and give your new library a name. Now your new iPhoto library will be chosen by default until you press again the ALT key when you start iPhoto. Then you can choose between your created libraries.

create another itunes library

As you can see – when I now start iPhoto and press down the ALT key I can choose between both libraries, very handy!


create another itunes library

I hope you find this tip about creating new iTunes or iPhoto libraries as helpful as I do 🙂





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