April 26, 2018

Create Stickies Quickly From Websites Or Documents

A really helpful tool: Stickies

I recently stumbled over a really nice tip in a Mac magazine and thought I share it with you. If you are like me and often surf the Internet for research you most probably have a good amount of notes open to keep the information. But how do you safe it?

I usually have Stickies all over my desk – and I do not mean on my computer screen but on my real desk and with time this looks pretty messy and even worse – I never seem to be able to find what I’m looking for!

Your Mac helps you to get sorted – with Stickies

Nothing easier than that with your Mac – it has a little program called “Stickies” where you can easily create these little yellow notes and keep them on your desktop. Here a step by step instruction on how to do it:

1. Mark in a document or website the piece of text you want to create a note with

2. Press CMD + SHIFT and Y

A little yellow note pops up on your desktop. In my example here I copied a link as well and even after you create a Sticky it worked just fine and opened a new Tab in Safari when I clicked on it (Safari is my default browser, you can – of course – choose any other).

Now you can edit your Stickies. For example, mark a part of the text on the Sticky and right click with your mouse. A context menu pops up and you can choose another color/font, etc.

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