April 21, 2018

Creating Bookmarks In Safari

Safari is a built-in webpage browser in OSX Lion. Unless you change the settings or download another browser, Safari is the default browser for everything inside the OSX Lion environment. Often times, when we surf the Internet and browse webpages, we find something interesting, important or just plain nice. You’re currently done looking at it and would it to be available next time should you want to take a look at it again. The way to go is to bookmark the website.

Creating Bookmarks in Safari

Bookmarking is not the same as saving the webpage in your hard drive. It will mainly save the website’s URL and store it within safari so you can go take a look at it later. It’s merely a placeholder. You can bookmark practically anything.

Creating Bookmarks In Safari

There are several ways to go about bookmarking a site. The first thing you want to do is decide if you just want to just store all your bookmarks in one spot – the main Bookmarks Bar of if you want to segregate it into folders. If you want to put your bookmark in a certain folder, go to Bookmarks in the menu and select Add New Bookmark Folder. Type in the name of that folder and click Add. If you want to save your bookmark into an existing folder, you may skip this step.

To bookmark the webpage you can do it three ways. (1) Press the + sign at the rightmost side of Safari. It’s supposed to be aligned with the tabs. (2) Press the shortcut Command+D. (3) Click Bookmarks from the menu and select Add Bookmark. Any of these three actions will take you to a new sheet. Type in the name of how you want your bookmark to be saved, identify the bookmark folder where it will be saved and click Add. Your bookmark is now saved.

To take a look at that website once more, you can now forego a search and instead click Bookmark and retrieve your bookmark from wherever folder you saved it.

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