April 23, 2018

iMovie Tutorial: Creating an iMovie Project

iMovie Project

A Project is essentially the movie that you will be creating using the different tools and functions iMovie. The project is the workflow where you can modify any aspect of the movie. Once you are done with the tweaking, the project can then be exported to the video format that you would like. Always remember that each home movie should have its own project.

Creating the project and importing the videos that you want to work with are two different things. You can interchange their order. It does not really matter.iMovie - Create an iMovie Project

Once you have the iMovie interface open, pull down the file menu and select New Project. Alternatively, use the shortcut Command + N. A new project sheet will appear. Input the name of your project. Pull down the drop down menus and select the aspect ratio and the frame rate that you prefer. For the aspect ratios, most cameras, computers and TVs are widescreen nowadays so it’s the recommended setting. Those living in North America should choose the NTSC format while those living in Europe will mostly have the PAL system.

Once you have confirmed your settings, iMovie will take you to a theme selector. Themes are remade templates and an easy way to edit. Hover your cursor over a particular theme and get a preview. Click on the theme that you want. If you want to have more creative control of your project, select No Theme. A new feature in iMovie is the ability to create trailers for your project. Select which trailer you prefer.

If you’ve opted No Theme, you will be given another option to select an automatic transition effect. This is partly for convenience and partly to ensure uniformity. Select the automatic transition that you want.

The last sheet will itemize all your settings. Once you’ve deemed them to be correct, press Create and a new project will be created. You can find the project on the Project Library.

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