April 21, 2018

iPhoto Course (10): Creating Slideshows in iPhoto 11

Creating Slideshows in iPhoto 11 is great fun!

Adding a little enhancement when showing your photos will actually make a huge difference to make your audience more engaged in the activity. Some of us can relate to having sat through a dull presentation while impatiently waiting for one lousy slide to move to another and wondering how more boring can a slideshow be.

Making a slideshow is one thing and creating a well-planned presentation is another. One does not need to have high-def or picture-perfect photography skills to be able to come up with an impressive slideshow. It all boils down to preparation, proper timing and some nice music.

With iPhoto 11, Mac users have two choices in making slideshows.

  • Instant Slideshow – offers a quick fix for creating a presentation on a tight deadline.
  • Saved Slideshow – is an editable presentation that offers users more power to manipulate and control the entire slideshow with an option to edit whenever they like.

Instant Slideshow in iPhoto 11

Begin by selecting photos (it could also be a whole event or album).

From the bottom toolbar, hit that Slideshow button located on the center.

The Slideshow Settings window will appear and from there you can choose any one from the 12 slideshow themes available.

Click on the next tab which is Music. By default, your slideshow will be playing a music from the “Theme Music” library, you can remove the music by unchecking the “Play during the slideshow”. Just hit the spacebar to hear a preview of the selected music.

You may also select a particular music or playlist from other locations like iTunes or GarageBand.

The last tab is the Settings where you can set the timing for playing each slide. You may also force the slideshow to fit the movement of slides with the music. Additional effects like Transitions, Captions, Titles, Shuffle, Scaling and Repetition are also available.

Click Play and watch the finished product.

To make quick changes, you can make the slide show control appear by moving your mouse pointer towards the bottom center of the slide:

Instant Slideshows can also be exported or saved to other format. All you have to do is go to File > Export.

On the pop-up window, go to Slideshow tab and click on Custom Export.

Assign a Name for the slideshow and file export destination.

Select your preferred format for the exported Slideshow. Then hit Save.

Exporting will take a while especially if you have plenty of photos.

Here’s the video of the Instant Slideshow :

Instant Slideshow iPhoto ’11


Saved Slideshow

Similar to making an Instant Slideshow, you need to first select photos you’d want to be included in the slideshow. The only difference, however, is that you can later on add, take out or change the photos.

Once you’re done, click “Create” on the bottom right menu, then select “Slideshow”.

Or you can also do this: From iPhoto menu, go to File > New > Slideshow.

Label your Slideshow and/or change the Title for the Slideshow. Notice that a new category has been added to your Source List. This unique feature distinguishes a saved Slidedshow from the Instant Slideshow.

Re-arrange or re-order your photos by dragging them on the photo browser.

Or you also have the option to display photos in random order. This can be done by selecting “Shuffle slide order” in your Slideshow controls.

Pick-out your desired Theme by clicking on Themes from the toolbar just like in the Instant Slideshow. In saved slideshow however, if you have set any location information on your photos, the “Places” theme becomes available. If you try to use the Places theme without updating your photos’ location, you’ll be getting this message:

Places theme rocks especially if you’re featuring travel or places in your presentation.

From this point forward, all other changes in settings for Music, Timing, Transitions and other options are the same as in the instructions discussed in Instant Slideshow.

NOTE: The popular Ken Burns effect only works for Classic and Ken Burns Themes.

You can watch a Preview of your Slideshow by clicking on the Preview button to the left of the Play button.

The finished slideshow can still be edited at any time but if you need to show or share your work, hit the Export button (see image above) so you can play it on another device or other video players. Just refer to the Export instructions in Instant Slideshow.

Now it’s time to premier that Slideshow to your families and friends! Do you know that iPhoto’s Slideshow feature also comes in handy for your work and helps you come up with compelling business presentations?

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