April 20, 2018

Customize the Finder Toolbar

You might notice several buttons at the top of your Finder window. That’s the Finder Toolbar. It already has the Back, Action, and View buttons as default. And like most toolbars, you can add to that by customizing the Finder Toolbar to suit your needs.

Some of the additional buttons you can on to your Finder Toolbar include:

New Folder – You can add a new folder to the folder you are currently viewing with Finder

Eject – If your Mac has a built-in optical drive or you are using an external drive, this button will eject any CDs or DVDs inside.

Path – This will show the path or the directories and folder you need to access to be able to reach the folder you are viewing

Get Info – Displays more detailed info about your file and folder. This can also be accessed with a secondary click.

Customize the Finder Toolbar

To be able to add these buttons as well as others to your Finder Toolbar, launch a Finder window from the Finder icon on your dock.

Click View and select Customize Toolbar. You will be taken to a dialogue sheet that has the different options. Click and drag your choices onto the Finder Toolbar in the arrangement that you want. To remove items from the toolbar, simply click and drag them away from the Finder Toolbar and allow them to disappear with a poof and a cloud smoke. Click Done when the toolbar has been customized to your liking.

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