April 26, 2018

Utility App Daisy Disk (Review)

We all have tons of files on your computer and even worse – we get more daily. All of a sudden you realize that your computer is stuffed with tons of files you wether do not need anymore or you might need later. And then there is the problem that you have finally stored so much on your computer that the hard disk is simply full. When this happens your computer can not boot and work properly anymore and using your applications gets harder as it tries to make room to load the different applications. Once you are there you know that you need a deep cleaning but where is all the space gone? Here Daisy Disk will help you to discover where your space has gone.

If you follow TheMacMania already you know that we review Apps for you from time to time. Usually I use the App together with you the first time. This way I do not have any further experience with the application than you have and hopefully stumble over the same difficulties you would. I really hope this makes the App reviews more authentic and usable for you. So here the Daisy Disk App Review.

Daisy Disk is an utility app, which helps you to analyze where your disk space is gone. You can load the application from the Mac App Store (find the link on the bottom of the review).

The Good:

  • the app helps you to discover where your disk space is gone
  • nice animation
  • nice user interface

The Bad:

There is nothing really bad about the App. But I think there is room to improvement. As I mention in the video I would appreciate if I could click on the path and/or delete the files directly. If that is possible it wasn’t easy to access.

To get Daisy Disk please click here:

DaisyDisk - Software Ambience Corp.

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