April 21, 2018

Delete Your Autofill Information On Safari


To make things easier, Safari has an autofill option. This means that whenever you fill out forms, Safari takes note of your answers and when a similar form needs to be filled, it will suggest or fill it in for you. All you have to do is arrow down to see the choices for that particular field or type in the first character to start the autocomplete process.

It can be an easier way to do repetitive things but it can also be a security risk. Autofill remembers personal information such as birthdays, addresses and credit card info. To protect yourself from any security threats and possible identity theft, it maybe be a good idea to delete your autofill information.

Autofill Information on Safari

The quickest way to delete your autofill information is to do it via the Reset Safari function, which deletes most of the information connected to your browsing habits. To do this, open Safari and select Reset Safari from the main menu. You will be given a list of choices to delete during the reset. Uncheck all of the choices. Check the Removed Saved Names and Passwords box. This will delete any user names and passwords that is part of the autocomplete function. Also check the box marked Remove Other AutoFill Form Text. This will delete any other data used in automatically filling out the forms such as addresses and birthdays. Click Reset to confirm and start the deleting process.


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