March 22, 2018

Difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro

The difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro

What should I buy and what is the difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro?

As my regular readers know I have just recently got a MacBook Pro 2011 and I love it. But why did I not decide for the much cheaper MacBook instead? And what is the difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro?

difference between macbook and macbook proWhen my Cinema Display arrives the MacBook Pro with its 15″ will be my iMac and therefore desktop computer replacement. The MacBook Pro has all the average and advanced computer user needs. On the one hand I’m mobile – I can just grab my computer and work wherever I want – and I mean wherever I want because the my MacBook Pro has now an antiglare display. This is really a great investment because I can easily work outside in the garden. Even if the sun shines I won´t have a problem. That´s just one advantage. I´ve decided to get the 15″ display because when I work outside my office I won´t need a huge display but a comfortable one. So here I definitely paid more attention to the fact that a 15″ notebook is less heavy than a 17″ one.

Beside that the MacBook Pro has a 1024 MB graphic card with a fantastic performance. Even if I should ever decide to play games which need a lot of graphic performance or if I edit huge video files the MacBook Pro won´t abandon me and the 500 GB hard drive will give me enough space to store all my photos, videos, music, project files and much more.

So as you can see the MacBook Pro is a full desktop replacement and even better – if you get yourself the 27″ Cinema Display you can connect the MacBook Pro with an HDMI cable with the Cinema Display – so you have the best from both worlds – mobile and desktop.

What is now the difference between a MacBook and MacBook Pro?

The difference between the MacBook and MacBook Pro is – short and easy – the performance and therefore the price. While the amount for the MacBook Pro can really add up the MacBook is nearlydifference between macbook and macbook pro “cheap”. You can get it already for under 1,000$. The biggest difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro is therefore beside the price the performance. While the MacBook is great for email, surfing the web, basic image editing and video editing (it has a great graphic performance!) it is no desktop replacement. It is more a 2nd computer or a computer for someone who likes to have a Mac and therefore a high quality machine but does not need the highest possible performance. It is great for working outside from your home though because the included battery leads up to seven hours.

I think this is the greatest difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro. If you want to have a second computer you use for all the basics you do while you are on the way you can save the additional money for the MacBook Pro. But if you decide to have your desktop replaced – get a MacBook Pro together with a Cinema Display. You’ll have a system which will keeps you happy for years. Another difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro is the higher processor performance of the MacBook Pro – something you just need it the MacBook Pro is your only computer.

By the way – the best price for the MacBook and MacBook Pro is on Amazon – if you don’t want special components it’s cheaper to get it there – check out the difference in pricing:


MacBook Pro

As you can see there is a difference between MacBook and MacBook Pro but which system you get depends – as usually – on your needs, before you decide to buy check out the article about the MacGuide so you know if you should buy now or wait for the next model to come.

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