April 21, 2018

Divvy – The Windows Organizer

What Does Divvy Do

It separates and organises your windows with ease to give you are little more control over your screen.  A lot of Mac users will have a window panel do just one task at a time, be it look at the internet or read a document.  People whom use their computer for many tasks may have multiple applications open which clutters their screen.  This will organise your window panels, so that you may have your windows set out as you wish.  So you may have your media player, playing your DVDs on one panel to the bottom left.  Your research reference PDF at the top of your screen, and your word pad nestled between the two windows in the middle/bottom right.

What Are The Features Of Divvy

You can open the Divvy screen using a hot key combination, and then assign your windows to it by clicking on your windows and then onto the Divvy screen.  You may keep the Divvy screen on until dismissed or have it disappear straight after use.  You can hot key panel combinations.

Is Divvy A Cause For Applause

Biggest one is that you can set hot keys to pre-set the size and shape of your windows, however they are only called if you have the Divvy screen up, so you can have your hot keys as any combination you wish and it will not interfere with your other applications.

The app is so simple a child could use it.  All you need to do is watch the two minute introduction to the app video online before you buy.  After watching this, you will know how to use the app before you even download it.

Not So Good Points

I had to really think hard because there isn’t really one.  I think they could make an upgrade so that it over-rides media players.  For example if you were to put a media player in the top corner, playing your Sopranos or Simpsons DVDs on your Mac – you may have to see the title bar and play buttons etc, on the media player; making the media player screen smaller.  These disappear (on most) if you go full screen.  They could have made it so that a person assigns it to a corner, that they can go full screen mode on the corner they assigned.  This is all I could think of though.

 What I Thought Of The App I Bought

I love it.  I use my computer for many tasks, with many windows open at once.  I often have to over-lap and use the task bar at the bottom to find them.  This app made some tasks really simple.  I couldn’t find any bugs, and it does not advertise something that it does not do.  It is simple, but it works.

Should I Try OR Let It Slip By

You should buy it, even if you are an infrequent user.  It is better to have it, than to not.  I’m going to use it myself, I didn’t uninstall after the review.

You find the Divvy App on the Mac App Store here:

Divvy - Mizage

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