April 20, 2018

Djay (iPad App)

The DJAY app is fairly self explanatory, and if you are not sure what I mean, then take a look at the promotional pics and you will get it.  This is the DJAY app that was originally created for the Mac.  It has now been converted over onto the iPad, which means that even more DJ wannabes can get their grubby little hands on some “pretend” decks, and start cranking out some tunes.

As far as DJ apps go, the graphics and overall looks are pretty good.  When you first start playing with it you are given a little help in learning the ways to use it, but after that you are given free reign to make any sort of noise you wish.  It does not take long to figure out how to load on a track so that you can adjust it.  You may then analyze the track so that you can change and adjust it to your will.  The only real downside to this app (at the moment) is the amount of memory needed to function when using songs.  Quite often, after you have loaded on and mixed a few songs, you will start to run out of memory.  It is a shame, but as always the memory thing will only get better over time.  In a year or so they will have figured out a solution you will probably be able to store thousands of mixed songs on it.  So over all, it is pretty good.

djay - algoriddim

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