April 26, 2018

Document Languages in Pages

I’m someone writing and talking English all day but my native language is German. So when I use Pages I usually have to switch for and back because with the auto correction all my words are underlined when I’m in the “wrong” language in Pages. I just recently found out that a document can be multi-language document if you wish.  The settings are all based in the US style, but a document on its own may be in a lot of languages in Pages.  Language selection is in a container.

Warning:  With the cursor text in a container, the language does not apply to the container but the location as a text in the choice of language can be applied to a word, a line or container whole.  So for a whole container, you have to Cmd + A beforehand.  Imagine that each style is a little text box of its own, and so each one will need its own language.  If you chose one language and stick to it, then life gets a little easier.  If you are mixing between one language and another, then it gets a little more fiddly.

Cmd + A does not apply to the style, the language must be applied to each style that you choose.  This means that each object,  word, line, paragraph style, may have a different language if you choose.  On the other hand it also means that if you deviate from the original default language, that you will have to change the word, line, paragraph styles to the new language.

The choice of language is done by the inspector text with “Text” and “Other”.

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